Cha Cha Moon is a Chinese noodle bar that goes beyond noodle pop culture and in to the soul of regional Chinese cooking. It delves further across Asia to give you both authentic and classic dishes as well Regional dishes.

Here are some of our popular dishes, the Taiwan Beef soup noodle, which consists of wheat noodles in a bowl of rich, sweet, beefy stock, with meat so tender it melts in the mouth.

taiwan beef noodle

Our Chargrilled Chicken Lao Mian is ideal for any occasion, whether it be lunch or dinner. Succulent slices of chicken thigh meat, freshly cooked from the grill gives it that smokey flavour. Lao Mian are noodles boiled in water accompanied with soy sauce. We use wonton noodles which gives it texture and a chicken flavoured soup compliments the overall dish.

chargrilled chicken lao mian

Our Chinese Calamari consists of freshly brought squid fried in a light batter, flavoured with basil which adds that zing. A portion is enough for two people on a light lunch. A lemon wedge adds that extra taste to a fried side dish.

chinese calamari

Most of our food is freshly prepared everyday. One of the prep chefs is making our popular side dish the Guotie (chicken).


Freshly prepared green beans stir fried in a spicy xo sauce. Very light not too heavy which can be accompanied with a noodle or rice dish.

xo beans

Our banana and melon fritters are delicious after any meal. Chunks of banana and melon are fried in a light batter. A generous sprinkle of black and white sesame seeds. Presented on a golden syrup base and served with vanilla cream. Its very addictive you’ll want more.

banana and melon fritters