Went crazy

I've eaten like a IDIOT-sweets. The past few weeks I've craved chocolate. Okay-so I had my chocolate for Valentine's day for a few days. Then felt bad about doin' it. I haven't exercised at all! Why??? IDIOT. So I tried to do liquids. That lasted about 2 days. I had soup when I should of had a protein drink. So-I've gained back lbs. Things still fit like they were-but the scale shows it. So today-what did I do? I ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies! Lemon something-w/powdered sugar-suppose to be low fat-Haa!

I haven't felt like writing anything. I spent the long weekend organizing papers, and gathering tax papers and taking out some oversized clothes. I did hook ma sista Von up w/something to wear for her social! Now I have to figure out what I'll wear for our long weekend getaway to FL. I'm washing clothes right now. I have to bring some shorts, but haven't tried any of those on since the WLS. So, now it's back into the magic closet to dig into a box of summer stuff.

Sweetie and I are going to FL to see his oldest son and some relatives of his and do an uncles's oral history. Want to go to a baseball warm ups for spring training. A few years ago we went down and saw spring games for three different teams. Got the baseball bug from my dad. He drove my mother nuts w/one game on the tv and another on the radio simultaneously.

Also want to catch the King Tut exhibit in Ft. Lauderdale on Mon. Then it's back to work on Tues.

Hell, it will be interesting on the weigh-in next week and also seeing the endo dr. I don't see being really good on food intake while on a mini-vacation!

Dryer just went off-gotta pack!

Worth a visit