Out of sorts

Okay--so it's been weeks since I jotted down something here! Been feeling out of sorts. I slept most of the day yesterday-totally wiped out-like I gave pints of blood. Fibomyalsia (sp?) getting to me?

I had a great time while in FL on our mini jaunt out of state. Before we left, I ate a box of girl scout cookies. While in FL, I ate anything I wanted. All food was either at a restaurant or once at a cousin's house. Drank plenty of frozen drinks and lots of crab meat. When I got home the scale said I had gained 10 lbs.

Had a visit to the endo doc. lost 13 lbs since I last saw her. My labs came back great-my cholesterol was the lowest it's been in a very long time. One thing was out of wack-my vitamin D level. So, now I'm taking once a week, 50,000 units of it, one pill. Okay, one more pill to add to my mountain of pills.

Saw the WLS doc last Thur. I had gained 1 lb on their scales from a month ago. I had gone back to liquids on that Mon. after our trip. My scale said yesterday that I was again at 200 lbs. I got .50 fill-so Von add that on our page. I go back in another month.

I have an appt. to see the orthoped doc. Not sure what's up w/the knees. They are hurting more now. I want to get an xray/MRI of the right knee. It's been giving me more trouble now that I favor that leg because of the left one.

Glad "Crash" won best pic. The Best Song -the Pimp one, was way much better in the film than the performance on stage.

Just finished doing my taxes. Getting a bit back-thought I might have to pay $$.

Sweetie is making pizzas for dinner-in honor of the Soprano's tonight!

Hadn't done that before. No luck finding it-so went out today and got another one. Missing a pair of earring, but perhaps my daughter lifted them? Missing one navy blue sock too!

I actually got over my hips and zipped (without laying on the bed w/a large hair pin to pull up the zipper-like I use to do), this time it Zip. But I have so much overhang of waist fat-I won't be wearing those till more LBS come off. But, it was nice to get them on.

Oh crap-wish I had another day off. Don't we all?? Weird weather-79 degrees tomorrow, then 41 on Fri. Flowers are coming up in our front yard-Sweetie planted them in the fall.

Hoping that this week will be better than last week!

Worth a visit